I wear my idea and here’s why

Did you know that handwoven fabrics from South India are 100 per cent biodegradable?

Like many South Indians, ethnic clothes represent my culture.

I loved to shop for ethnic apparel that was not only handwoven but Eco-friendly too. On the lines of modern fashion and traditions, some brands offered ethnic clothes. But these mass produced garments didn’t reflect my modern personality. I ran out of options and transitioned to wearing ethnic prints in poly-cotton fabrics.

Poly-cotton, polyester and other polymer fabrics are similar to using plastic. When I learned that polymer fabrics polluted the environment, I didn’t like the idea of hidden plastic in my clothing. Moreover, letting go of South Indian fabrics felt like I had discarded my identity.

To fulfill my need for an ‘in-between dress’ I explored handwoven South Indian fabrics. I designed a handful of dresses with fabrics like Pochampally and variants of hand-loom cotton dipped in natural dyes that were also embedded with handcrafted traditional motifs. These hand-stitched garments looked fashionably sustainable and I rocked a modern-ethnic look.

My fashion choice goes beyond brands and vogue becauseĀ I wear my idea.

If you want to wear this idea or if you are curious about handcrafted clothes and also want to do your bit, in reducing plastic; let’s talk soon!