When to visit South Indian Part 2

Festivals in south India

Most attractions in South India have a right and wrong time to visit. A particular temple will be crowded one week and vacant the next week.

May is widely believed to be the worst time to visit South India because of parching summers and humidity. Alternatively, late monsoon during August is a popular time to travel.

Armed with sunscreen or an umbrella, travelers can find deals from May to August.

Ooty Summer Festival
Summer celebrations

An easy way to escape the mid summer heat is retreating to South India’s many hill-stations. Of which, the Ooty Summer Carnival in Tamil Nadu exhibits locally grown fruits and vegetables along with rare flowers and spices.

Traditionally Islamic areas in South India celebrate Eid-ul Fitr; which concludes Ramadan – a month of fasting and charity in the Islamic calendar.

Eid in Hyderabad in south India
Hot Biryani follows after warm hugs

Hyderabad tucks into Ramadan with much gusto in June. Night markets or bazaars of Hyderabad come alive with an eclectic mix of food and shopping carts.

Ochira Kali, a rural festival in Kerala, commences in June. Men dressed as warriors reenact battles fought between Kerala’s medieval kingdoms.

July gets off to a slow start; with much of the states in South India relishing monsoon rains. However, Kerala is the place to be for exotic processions.

Kerala boat race
Kerala boat race

Snake boats compete with each other in boat races in Alleppey. Hemis festival features elephant feeding rituals to commemorate Ganesha, an elephant headed deity.

Naag Panchami in south India
Naag Panchami
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