Let me take you culture-shopping in Vizag

Shopping and travel in Vizag

The Japanese believe that it’s imperfection that makes life interesting. If that is true then shops in Vizag will make the Japanese people very happy.

Some shops in Vizag sell nostalgia whilst malls are millennial- led enterprises. These seven shopping places may not please the average shopper. But these shops will satisfy people looking for places that offer an interesting environment too.

1. Police Barracks

Shops in Vizag selling suitcases
Vizag urges you to explore

The neighborhood is home to several small outdoor shops with very large hoardings. Vizag Central is the only mall here which sells  a few international labels. The area is also known for the city police’s training ground that many schools in Vizag, hire for sporting events.

2. Judge’s Court 

Shopping in Vizag
You can’t shop here unless you have a wild conversation with local sellers 

Arguably, the busiest shopping street in the city; Judge’s Court, has several mid range stores that offer competitive prices. The location’s name (which can be just ‘court’ instead of Judge’s court is also one example of many forms of Engrish, the local people’s way of corrupting English words.

3. Gajuwaka

A small shop in Gajuwaka
Instead of Walmart, locals head to corner shops which are also look colorful and bright

Walmart in Gajuwaka caters to the well read well traveled crowd in Vizag but the brand is invisible to working class eyes that live around this neighborhood.

4. Madhurwada

A place to go ‘house-shopping.’ Madhurwada has the D-Mart store which caters to residents living here with second thoughts about the exorbitant apartments they live in here.

5. Maddila-palem 

A touch of wonder in the form of the only affordable mall for locals here
A touch of wonder in the form of the only affordable mall for locals here

Shops in this area attract more families and young couples who often head to CMR mall to watch movies there.

6. Kancher-palem 

Life goes on under the afternoon sun in Kancherapalem
Shopping carts, construction and everything else under the sun

Vizag might be the only city on Earth where grocery shopping – strictly for cereals and vegetables is cool. The grocery stores in this neighborhood does not disappoint locals.

7. Donda-parthy

A man tends to public plants in a commercial area like Dondaparthy
Tending to some real green…not the commerce-green that is common in this commercial area

With a dizzying array of shopping venues that include department stores, Big Bazaar mall stands out in this neighborhood which is packed with people who buy fashion, electronics and groceries here.

Shopping in Vizag may not satisfy the cosmopolitan buyer’s sophisticated wants here. But the pleasure of joining the foot traffic on busy roads that go up and down around the city is like soul food for people who are hungry for culture.

This list is a continuation of a previous post. Click here to read part 1.
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  1. Was reminded of the street shopping I used to do and observe when in Bangalore 😊These shops sell nostalgia and you are keeping that nostalgia alive for this city virtually through your blog. 👍👌Well done Alisha 😍😘

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      1. It’s a beach town which is coming of age in terms of tourism. The local govt here has modelled the city after Singapore city and Kuala Lampur’s township as Vizag is nestled between hills and beaches. If you like south east asia – you’ll find Vizag to be just as charming. (Sorry, for the long comment, haha.. Vizag is very special to me)

        Liked by 1 person

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