18 places to shop in Vizag Part 1


As opposed to bigger cities in South India where people have less time for buying from physicals stores. Vizag locals actually enjoy this kind of shopping and they make it a family event.

Practically every busy junction in the city is surrounded by department stores and shops. Vizag has a store for every type of consumer. Those who window shop (guilty), show interest and leave (guilty, again) and consumers who actually purchase.

Some localities stand out in one way or another. They represent Vizag’s mega shopping areas and a few smaller neighborhoods that have niche shops.

1. Asilmetta


Asilmetta Vizag
Bling on

This area is Vizag’s golden street which is paved with jewelry stores. People in south India obsesses over gold and often regard it as a sign of prosperity.  Many South Indian families shop for gold together. Parents and grandparents buy gold as presents for children. This happens so often that most of these gold stores have a play area for kids.

2. C.B.M Compound

img-6994.jpgA neighborhood in Vizag that’s known for its shopping, entertainment and nightlife. It’s a lively area with breweries and boutique shops. Shops tending street fashion here attract younger folks who study in the city’s top schools in this area.

3. VIP Road

VIP Road VizagVIP Road is a fashionable neighborhood filled with cafes and small restaurants. It’s home to a number of boutiques that include both unique shops and a few niche brands that are difficult to find elsewhere.

4. Dwarka-nagar 

Dwarkanagar VizagDwarka Nagar is a neighborhood that has a number of large department stores. Large electronics shops and a few shopping streets make this a tourist spot. Popular demand for gold supported small retailers who sell gold and silver here.

5. MVP Colony 

Asia’s largest housing area, MVP Colony has plenty of  haberdashers, small shops, boutiques and grocery stores. Many street food vendors park themselves in MVP Colony.

6. Watch House  

A 100 year old building
More than a 100 years old

One of the oldest and well known landmarks, local merchants set up a watch house here during Vizag’s colonial era. Besides watches, several handicraft stores sell hand woven clothes, arts, crafts and souvenirs.

7. Rama Talkies 

Rama Talkies
Abandoned now

Named after an old movie theater, this street is often bustling with shoppers, who buy from corner shops.

8. Siripuram

whatsapp-image-2019-03-23-at-11.48.46-pm.jpegSiripuram is a three mile radius of shops and cafes in Vizag which exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Tiny alfresco style cafes and restaurants surround shops in Siripuram; which are mostly luxury brands.

9. Jagdamba Center 

jagdamba-in-vizag.jpegJagdamba centre is packed with entertainment complexes which once had the only iconic cinema in Vizag. It’s a popular area among local families, migrant workers and villagers on a quick getaway to Vizag. The shopping in Jagdamba is focused on these demographics.

10. Old Town  

whatsapp-image-2019-03-23-at-11.45.03-pm.jpegOld town in Vizag is historically a gold merchant town. Prices for gold, silver and gold coated jewelry in Old Town are often negotiable. And, locals are known for their passion for negotiations.

11. Poorna Market

poorna-market.jpegA shopping area as old as the city; Poorna Market is intensely competitive with hawkers and pushcart sellers on the street. The market sells housewares, local vegetables, seasonal fruits and fresh flowers.


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