20 films that sum up South India Part 2

While Tamil and Malayalam films bridged the gap between mainstream and art films. Tollywood in Andhra and Karnataka’s Sandalwood film industry employed method actors to find critical successes.

The future for South Indian cinema has never looked brighter and the thousands of box office hits prove that. However, only some of these films capture the essence of South Indian culture. Here are 10 films that are like a mirror to life in South India.

11 Piravi (Birth)

Piravi Movie Poster
Piravi Movie Poster

South Indian men who are fathers are often stereotyped for their domineering personalities. The film Piravi does exactly the opposite and proves that family bonding is pivotal for South Indian parents.

12 Marana Simhasanam (Throne of death)

Marana Simhasanam Poster at Cannes
Marana Simhasanam Poster at Cannes

South India is an agricultural region and this film which was nominated at the Cannes festival ponders upon farming woes.

13 Thithi (Funeral)

Thithi Film Poster
Thithi Film Poster

An ode to a clannish family in rural South India; Thithi typifies a joint family system which is common in South Indian villages.

14 Swati Mutyam (The white pearl)

Swati Mutyam Film Poster
Swati Mutyam Film Poster

The film challenges social stereotypes and prejudices which are quite evident in many South Indian communities in real life.

15 Nayakan (Hero)

Movie still from Nayakan - The Hero
Movie still from Nayakan – The Hero

Circumstances force a regular South Indian man to become a don, who is loved and respected by many. The film’s daring approach to expose the South Indian mafia in real life also shows their influence on regular people in South India.

16 Anjali

Movie still from Anjali
Movie still from Anjali

A national award winning film which changed people’s attitude towards differently-abled children.

17 Drishyam (Sight)

Movie Poster of Drishyam
Movie Poster of Drishyam

A south Indian family faces their worst case scenario and stick together in spite of being on the wrong side of the law. The actors portray strong family ties which are important values in South Indian culture.

18 Pathemari (Caravel)

Pathemari film's PosterMany South Indians relocated to Arab countries for better careers during the 80’s. Pathemari is a testament to that time as the film documents a family’s tale during the Gulf Boom.

19 Ain

Ain Film PosterCompared to other regions in India, communal harmony, is intact in South India. ‘Ain’ focuses on South Indian Muslim families and their life among other religious communities.

20 Vaagai sooda vaa (Come, wear the crown of victory) 

Film poster of Vagai Sooda VaaChild labor is a common sight in villages and cities in South India. Social messages about illiteracy and child abuse shine through the complex plot in this sentimental film.


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