When Hong Kong and South India mean business

Drawing similarities between the two business hubs, Hong Kong and Vizag, CEO of WHub; Karena Belin hopes to have much more in common between the two cities in terms of job opportunities.

Karena represented her Hong Kong based business in Vizag. As part of WHub’s startup launchpad scheme – she brought the Global Fintech Festival’s – $1 million challenge – to Vizag. Hoping the money enables startups to get funding to set up shop in the city; Karena shares her reason behind motivating young entrepreneurs in Vizag.

Karena Belin  in Vizag Fintech Festival for lunching start ups
Image by Vizag Fintech Festival

“Our objective is to bring Vizag based start-ups over to Hong Kong to explore opportunities there and other thriving markets in South East Asia,” she says.

“We want to give talent in South India especially, Andhra Pradesh, an opportunity to seek jobs in Hong Kong and on the other hand bring Hong Kong based start-ups to Andhra so they can set up shop here,” she adds.

With five Hong Kong based start-ups at the Festival, she shares her excitement in having companies from the Greater Bay Area conquer the Indian market through South Indian business acumen.

“It was really inspiring to hear the IT Minister; the Chief Minister and other officials here speak the language of start-ups. Now we know why Andhra Pradesh ranks among the top places in South India and the world, for ease of doing business; just like Hong Kong,” she says.

A carefully chosen panel of experts screened the applications of each start-up which competed with 25 others on the basis of its business models team and willingness to setup their office in Vizag after the event.

WHub was the host of Roadshows in Hong Kong and the one million dollar pitching challenge, globally. After a four day grueling conference, Karena and her team plan to unwind at the city’s beaches, before they return to Hong Kong’s very own Fintech Festival.




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