Five International Getaways Under Five Hours from Vizag

With international waters not too far off from Vizag’s coast; travelling abroad seems more alluring. Fast forward to the day you book your tickets and the anticipation of spending several hours confined in flights becomes a hurdle.

This can be disappointing when all you have is a few days to spare. Like a long weekend maybe?

Before you lose hope, take a look at our suggestions this month. These exotic locales might not increase your air miles but will satisfy those who long to get to foreign destinations real quick.

And we mean – travel under fiver hours or less – quick.


Popular in summer for good reason – pleasant weather all year round. Try strawberry picking in the higher altitudes of Genting Highlands to escape from Vizag’s humidity. Visit Kuala Lampur for an exhilarating time at theme parks and casinos which entertain both the young and old.

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur City - Malaysia
KL City is shopping on steroids. Enough said.

How to go to Malaysia fast?

AirAsia takes you to Kuala Lampur in just under four hours from Vizag.

Travel Tip:

Don’t panic if taxi drivers don’t turn on the meter! If you’re not savvy enough to haggle, hop into a public transport instead.


Just beside Malaysia is the island city of Singapore. This tourist hub offers everything from hills to – beaches and does not run short of green terrain. Set aside an entire day to zip-line across Sentosa Island which offers a trip to Underwater World and the Universal Studios Singapore.

Sinagapore city
Singapore – East meets best.

Take me to Singapore now!

AirAsia takes you from Vizag to Singapore in 5 hours with a quick stop in Kuala Lampur.

Travel Tip:

If you’re prone to homesickness, calm your anxiety with Andhra delicacies in several South Indian restaurants in Little India.

United Arab Emirates:

Suspended between heritage sites and high rises, UAE’s shopping capital, Dubai, gently leads visitors to the discovery of all its wonders. If malls overwhelm you, make a dash to the deserts or the Wadis for adventure filled safaris.

Dubai - for the best weekends
Dubai – for the best weekends

How to go to the UAE?

Indulge yourself in the Dubai International Airport after a five hour Air India flight from Vizag.

Travel Tip:

Dubai is strict about its new baggage rules; avoid checking in oversized lumpy bags without a flat surface.


From spotting tigers in the Sundarbans to splashing around in Cox Bazaar this country will welcome travellers exploring rural areas beyond the comforts of home. Enjoy lush farmlands and quiet days on the beach which will make you leave Vizag more often.

Sundarbans calls the adventurous in Bangladesh
Sundarbans calls the adventurous in Bangladesh

Getting There

Disembark in Dhaka from Indigo Airlines which is a five hour flight from Vizag.

Travel Tip:

You can hire boatmen to row you around the Sundarbans however they might test your miming skills because it’s very unlikely they’ll speak any English.


Home away from home, Thailand is a reminiscent of Vizag’s dune-lined beaches with less crowded shores. This island country offers much more than nature trails, fresh seafood and a rich history that summer travellers will love.

Thai beach
Splash, swim or snorkel but pad-Thai style

How to go to Thailand in under 5 hours?

Travel from Vizag to Bangkok, Thailand in two hours in AirAsia Airlines.

Travel Tip:

Strike off whale watching from your bucket list with boat rides that promise whales living in the waters off Bangkok.

So, which one of these destinations will you head to next?




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