How to make summers royally fun in South India

Why, relish in a palatial hotel of course!

The head chef from The Gateway Hotel, formerly the Taj, in Vizag; joins us as our culinary guide. Here’s our palatable trip around a little coastal city.

PC: The Gateway Hotel

This 90s landmark, in the style of a grand palatial hotel, has managed to retain its old-world charm without relinquishing modern comforts. The Gateway Hotel grows on its guests looking for an ideal seaside retreat.

The hotel is a favourite in the business travellers’ circle who often unwind here with stunning views of the RK Beach.

What’s special?

Bring along a Habibi to feast on authentic Middle Eastern recipes like kabsa rice, shawarmas and lamb chops. Dip freshly baked pita bread in hummus with a side of the minty tabolueh salad and baba ganoush.

The menu offers

An array of multi cuisine meals range from Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and other fusion recipes.

The star chef

Hailing from Kolkota, Sanat Chitrakar oversees a staff of 23 as head chef, at the Gateway Hotel. Armed with international culinary experience, he has been delighting the appetites of local and international guests in the city, for over a year.

Signature dishes

Spanish chicken, Greek salad, Sushi and Thai chicken curry.

When he has time to eat out

Smitten by South Indian delicacies; the chef often heads to Simhachalam, a local hilltop, for Dosa, Idli and Sambar.

He enjoys local fast foods like Samosa, corn on the cob and fried fish at RK Beach. A dollop of jack-fruit ice cream by the beach satisfies his dessert cravings.


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