Confidence is all you need, and this glamorous dress

k5Come summer and kaftans are much more than resort favourites. Different from the south Asian Kurta; light and airy kaftans synonyms as a fusion style now.

This comfortable style has been the badge of designers ever since the 60’s. The then Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Diana Vreeland, ‘discovered this becoming fashion.’

Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly glamourised a hostess look with long Kaftans.



Harper’s Bazaar shows Georgia Hardinge Kaftan

Until 2018, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue picked assorted kaftans to do their fashion bidding.

Tommy Hilfiger Short Kaftan

Tommy Hilfiger and Custo Barcelona introduced kaftans in their Resort and Spring line. Other brands cashed in the trend which took root in work and casual ensembles.

Think skinny jeans and short kaftans in modal knits.

Yara Yosif ” Fairouz ” Kaftan Dress

Modest evening gowns

The abaya, jellabiya and the kaftan originated from the Middle East and spread out during the Spanish Inquisition.

Kaftans evolved with hand-crafted bead work on cashmere, silks and other luxe fabrics from China and India. Intricate embroidery with gold or silver threads on pastel coloured kaftans debuted in the modest fashion week.

Throw an attitude with kaftans

Contrary to popular (body-shaming) opinions; Kaftans flatter all body types and suit all skin colours. Accesorize with confidence and flow in comfort at any event.

For an evening look, chiffon kaftans look more elaborate with bold neck pieces and  chandelier earring. Draw out a cotton kaftan with gladiator sandals and Aztec jewels to stand out at that summer brunch.Confidence is all you need, and this glamorous dress



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