Are houseplants really worth the hype, and how to design better

So you defy mother nature and bring home her herbaceous wonders. You probably own a cactus without a second guess. Not to mention snake plants on every tabletop.

If you already have the green that all look the same, you might want to try these six varieties to take your house from blah to botanic.

Eat what you sow

Inji TeaYou can grow cherry tomatoes or dwarf cherry indoors.  Expose these bushy babies to as much sunlight as possible and you’ll have your very own batch of fresh tomatoes – all year.

Tip: If your house has insufficient natural light then supplement the leaves with artificial light for about 10 to 12 hours every day.

The Kitchen Gardener

Enhance your soups, salads and your mood in the kitchen with herbs. Don’t only plant the herbs you know like parsley and cilantro. Take a chance with aromas and flavours.Inji Tea

Herbs like basil, chamomiles and bay leaves will make your home smell divine. Peppermint, aloe vera and tiny lemongrass stalks do well in a sunny kitchen.

Idea: With a few hours of sun daily, some moisture and some love; parsley seeds and mustard seeds will thrive wherever your imagination warrants. Windowsills anybody?


Think of the Devilblur-bookcase-books-298660

The Devil’s Ivy or Pothos is a vine that thrives on neglect.

A carefree houseplant which grow up to 40 feet long; if left unpruned. With glossy heart-shaped foliage variegated with yellow and green; it thrives in water too.

Tip: The vine grows faster with steam. Think hot showers and give the ivy a twirl around the bathtub.

Mini morebonsai-decoration-garden-1382195

Ficus Bonsai are often presented in artsy appeals with aerial roots or root over rock styles. Tolerant to low humidity; the Ficus can withstand a beginner’s care.

Idea: Jade and Sweet Plum are most popular when it comes to indoor bonsais.



Bloom bloom pow!

Easy to grow flowering houseplants like African Violets bloom year-round with little effort.

Try a dizzying array of hibiscus in reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. Also called China roses, they come in rare shades of white and blue.

To add to the tropical vibe grow Peace Lilly and Jasmines.

Tip: Mix up different coloured hibiscus in a large soiled pot for a bouquet appeal.

Jasmine flowers last longer in cooler home temperatures.

Animal kingdomInji Tea Design

Channel your inner animal with succulents which come in cute shapes like dolphins and bunnies.

A hard find, these plants are available in heart and rose shapes too.

Grandma says: Succulents are as delicate as they sound and are susceptible to moisture stress.


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