This workout will make you more than just buoyant

If fitness routines seem mundane and exercise saps your energy, water aerobics may be the perfect solution for weight-loss and some fun.

Here’s an ideal way to beat stress; work out and splash around. Water (or hydro) aerobics is catching up with fitness enthusiasts. This unique fitness routine builds cardio and resistance in a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Your stiff joints will flex in this low impact workout. People who cannot exercise on the floor can still get the satisfaction and benefits of physical training. Your neighbourhood pool will soon give you resistance four times greater than air. This tones up muscles better and quicker than most other exercises.

Who is already splashing around?

Those limited by arthritis and sciatica take up water aerobics as it doesn’t put pressure on nerves and movements can be more free.

Using traditional weights requires resisting gravity. Water resistance requires the body to strain through the water rather than go against it.

Water aerobics is also popular with pregnant women who are not up to walking, jogging or working out in the artificial environment in gyms.

A cure for prenatal lower-back pain, go with the flow and relax taut shoulders too.


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