These 5 celebrities set trends that you now love

These 5 celebrities set trends that you now loveIt’s not shocking to spot celebrities wearing over-sized suits or carry pets with them on the red carpet. Back when it all began; trendsetting was quite a bold move. Here are five celebrities who were never one to abide by the rules.

Her hat is doing it (again)

The early 2000s witnessed this inseparable duo – Britney Spears and her paperboy cap which 20-something fans soon took to in leather, wool, suede, corduroy, denim and patchwork paperboy caps.

That’s Hot!

The hotel heiress started carrying her pet chihuahua in stylish pooch pouches everywhere she went, including red carpet events. The dog-as-accessory trend became popular with other stars who soon began lugging around their own pets.

Keeping up with 

Reality TV queen’s curve-hugging, body-con bandage dresses became synonymous with her personal style and inspired her fans to follow suit.

Fashion Raider

In the 2001 Academy Awards, Angelina Jolie strutted down the red carpet in an all white Dolce and Gabbana suit forging the path for women to wear suit pants  — and do so with elan.

If it ain’t broken, wreck it

Primarily due to her fondness for shorter-than-short shorts. the micro hot pants favored by Miley received love and admiration maybe even more than the star herself.

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