With a reputation of being unique in the world of rock bands, pop bands and DJs, Capricio looks back at their origins and shares their future plans during a visit to the city.

Capricio began with an undeniable aura of destiny. EknathKiran and Dinker (vocals) Sai Teja (Percussionist) Shravan (Keyboard) and Sam (Bass Guitar) who pursued alternate careers came together for their love of Telugu music. These could have been pharmacists or software engineers have been enthralling audiences in the country since two years. 

Having a passion for music, Eknath Kiran, started the band with former vocalist Ganesh, whom he met at ‘Paduta Teeyaga, a reality show. Eventually, Ganesh introduced Eknath to Teja, his childhood friend and later roped inShravan and Sam from other bands. 


The Hyderabad based group gives a modern touch to retro Telugu songs. AR Rahman’s hits are made anew by the band that brings much deeper notes to the mix. Interestingly the band mates bring the exposure of fusion music to their own performances. The influences of Carnatic vocals and western instruments give their listeners a refreshingly unusual experience.

Eknath and Dinker intersperse the tracks with Carnatic influences. Shravan, Sam and Teja work solely on the rhythmand often resort to the Cajon, a percussion instrument of Peruvian descent. “Most of our songs are unplugged versions of Rahman sir and Ilaiyaraaja sir’s songs. But we have our own way or presenting music and we don’t play the song as it,” Dinker says.


In an attempt to revive the golden era of Telugu romantic music Capricio wants takes their music beyond regional borders. Until 2017, we played English or Bollywood music. Now, people demand Telugu music – they don’t want us to sing anything else besides regional songs,” Eknath says. “If we perform in Pune we’ll still sing Telugu songs but add a few tracks of Hindi music too,” Dinker says.

Looking ahead

Capricio is the first of its kind in the contemporary music scene in India. However the band mates are careful not to divulge their secrets of charming their way into the hearts of 14.4 thousand (and growing) loyal fans. We need to be capricious to continue being unique and that’s how I came up with the band name,” Eknath says. And, we keep our ideas to ourselves because anybody can copy them,” Dinker defends.  

With plans to come up with their original compositions, stay tuned to Capricio’s album which they say will be out very soon.


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