Yes, we Ken!

Having delivered successful NGO-led projects in the city, the KEN Foundation Society uses exemplary strategies to foster awareness and community participation.

Vizag has a lot going for it in terms of developing into a metropolis. But in recent years, it’s quietly been leaving its destitute behind. At the other end of the spectrum, the Ken Foundation Society, made a name for itself by delivering services to the people who call the city’s slums their home.

Since its inception in 2009, the Foundation has helped several underprivileged children and their families acquire their right to a civil life. The NGO believes in awareness or ‘Ken’ as they prefer, by educating the deprived.

Like most who have had their origins in some long-standing struggle – the NGO’s founder Pulletykurty Santosh’s learning disability or dysgraphia, (the inability to write coherently) set the flame. He started a blog in the year 2011 that covered several social issues, especially education. By 2013, the NGO was a reality.

“Learning disabilities are never a stumbling block to our success in life. In fact, our strength lies in the ability to adapt to disabilities,” he says.

“But when the able bodied can’t learn because of socio-economic reasons- that’s when Ken steps and with such support, especially given to children, can help them shape their own destiny,” he hopes.

Success stories

“Working closely with volunteers is our biggest strength,” the social worker says. “Our volunteers teach lesser privileged children through interactive sessions; most importantly in various Government schools and orphanages where children require more fluency in English and computer skills,” he adds.

In one such campaign, Ken Foundation teamed up with AP Police and trained 550 tribal students for the SSC entrance exam through which 110 tribal students succeeded.

Untold efforts  

Besides education, the NGO provides for stray animals and birds through its ‘Annual Water Bowl Distribution’ initiative. ‘Winter Smiles’ is another initiative where the Ken team donates old clothes to tribes in the Agency Area. ‘Paint a Smile;’ a project involving painting the walls of orphanages and hospitals is another feather in their hat. Voter awareness and food donations are some of their regular undertaking.


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