How do you wake up with perfectly shaped eyebrows, coloured cheeks and fuller lips in just the right tint? The secret to look effortlessly dolled-up lies in permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing.

For many busy women, permanent make-up or ‘micropigmentation’ is all about convenience and saving time. A fad which emerged in the 90’s, permanent make-up conjured up images of fake brows which almost looked cartoonish. However, recent improvement in the technique which is far more sophisticated is gaining popularity with women of all ages. Cosmetologists now inject pigments into the skin to enhance facial features.

How permanent is permanent?

Unlike regular tattooing, the inks fade out after three to four years. The pigment is chosen according to the skin tone and tattooed into the skin using a needle and tattoo machine. For eyebrows specifically, a microblading technique is used to make small strokes.

More than beauty

Besides beautification, the technique is ideal for those with illness like patients undergoing chemotherapy, or whose eyebrows or lips have thinned out with age or those looking for a long lasting way of hiding scars or to reverse skin damage.

This new fashion rage may soon run alongside the regular trend of tattoo designs. And, like the colours pricked into cheeks and lips which do not rub off, the trend may not fade so soon either.


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