New bae, new rules

Staying up all night singing them love songs, skipping meals for them and gazing into those big beautiful eyes – the whole night…

…What sounds like the beginning of any romantic relationship is far from romance. This lover comes determined to make you sleep deprived, wants all your attention and will will have you carrying them in your arms at unearthly hours.

Every new parent can relate to this when a baby moves into their lives.

If you have turned a new page in the book of parenting and are feeling unprepared here’s ten foolproof ways to make life with a newborn feel less like baby bootcamp.

Banish dark circles

Most babies are nocturnal in the first six weeks of their life outside the womb. They wake up to feed and fall back asleep. For the unlucky lot, some don’t. More often than not, a dirty diaper wakes even the sleepiest babies. Keep a stash of disposable diapers (or nappies if you’re cloth diapering) handy to change before every feed.

Wet-wipe those tears away

Choose wet wipes which claim to have 99% water and are fragrance free to ensure the quickest and most dexterous way to clean your baby during diaper changes. Warming the wipes by rubbing them with your palms or using a wet-wipe warmer eases the cleaning process. Water and cloth as some prefer is a safe bet but might cost you your much needed sleep. For those still unconvinced, use wet wipes during the night and water during the day.

Little Scarface 

Call them talons, claws or scratchers, baby nails can grow fast and it won’t be long until your newborn looks like she’s been through battle. Since babies don’t have much control over their hands, they tend to scratch their face as they flail about their tiny arms. Invest in tiny nail clippers which come with emery boards specially designed for the least nimble parents out there.


Conveniently fragranced to help neutralise the odour of a dirty diaper, nappy sacks provide a fuss free way to dispose off used diapers. They are also useful to carry soiled reuable nappies or wet clothes when you are out and about.

Carrying the world upon your shoulders

The Swiss Army knife of all baby products diapers bags come in several varieties to suit your every need. Weather heavy duty or small and trendy, have your pick  in a range of baby diaper bags to haul your gear.

A safe place

Swaddling newborn babies remind them of the warmth and safety of the womb. If you’re swaddling skills still need polishing, opt for a ready to use swaddle wrap. Make sure there’s no velcro on it to avoid startling a sleeping baby.

Heat of the moment

A sterilization kit is a surefire way to keep your baby from germs and bacterial growth, this kit quickly sanitizes all those equipment which help baby thrive. Bottles, nipples, droppers, pump equipment and even toys can get some heat and be devoid of potentially harmful bugs.

Feeds for thought

When mum decides to exclusively breastfeed, a breast pump comes in handy when she gets too busy. Choose a manual or electric pump to help you control the flow. Continue nourishing your baby when the schedule picks up or when it’s dad’s turn to look after baby.

Hanging in there

Weather parents decide to stay home or travel, there’s always going to be some moving around. Hold baby closer during errands and trips to the store in these specially designed baby slings.

Preempting is parenting  

It’s embarrassing for mom and dad to smell of throw up. This happens when baby’s spits up while burping goes unnoticed. A burp cloth or a soft towel on the shoulder not only makes your baby’s burping experience cosy but also means you can continue wearing the same clothes throughout the day.


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