Cyber Breach

The anxiety surrounding cyber security is being quickly realized as the city gets embroiled in battling nefarious groups in the hacking world. 

This isn’t news from far flung states as residents reported several cyber crime incidences to the Andhra Police Cyber Security in Vizag. According to reports, residents from MVP Colony and Krishna Nagar were victims of cyber crime in a similar manner:

One such incidence involves a resident who lost INR 60,000 from his Axis Bank account. His bank statement indicated cash withdrawals from an ATM in Mumbai when the card was in his possession. The police said the victim’s card had been cloned.

While banks try to bolster their defenses with the latest software, hackers are not far behind. They bypass the latest security and manipulate ATM and card machines to clone or duplicate information from debit and credit cards.

Being attentive while using cyberspace or making transactions offline can prevent one from being an easy target.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from cyber crime.

Do not disclose ATM card details or passwords to anybody.

Avoid sharing debit or credit card details on suspicious sites online. 

Use the latest antivirus and update operating systems and other software.

Avoid ATM without security personnel. Keep an eye out for hidden cameras and suspicious equipment in the machine. 

Try using pass-phrases instead of passwords with a combination of special characters and alpha numeric letters in upper and lower cases.

Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is switched off when not required. 

Always report a cyber crime immediately to the nearest police station.

To read more, follow my report on Yo!Vizag

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