Sweet somethings

Fashion designer Priyanka Reddy says Vizag is a sweet place to be and shares her favourite desserts in the city to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Fire and ice

choc bomb

Loaded with rich  chocolate, the Chocolate Bomb is too good for you to share. Indulge in the cold ice cream along with hot chocolaty sauce oozing out of a lava cake.

Where: Flying Spaghetti Monster

West meets east


Perfect for festivals or otherwise, the sweetness of the traditional Rabri steals the show in the Zaffarani Crêpe Rabri Roll. The milky filling is rolled within freshly made crêpes visually resembling the European Swiss roll.

Where: Zaafran, Hotel Novotel Varun Beach

Always 13


Fun, soft and chewy; a scoop of vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between chocolate biscuits. This thrilling ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ is perfect for any time you want to feel like a kid again!

Where: Havmore Cart, RK Beach

Small and sizzling


Nothing says desserts like the soft Tavva Brownie. This one’s a classic which warms you inside out with its crusty edges surrounding an ultra light centre.

Where: Radisa

Colour explosion

S026 Orange Jalebi

An all time favourite Indian sweet which melts in the mouth are the syrupy orange Jalebis. These are perfect street food desserts; best eaten hot and fresh.

Where: Sweet India

Melting moments

molten brownie

A good excuse to have desserts without feeling guilty: consider the Molten Brownies for a happy evening with this rich and moist treat.

Where: Baker’s Castle

Black beauty

charcoal icecream

With lots of goodies on it like sprinkles and white chocolate chips, the darkest ice cream in town, called the Charcoal Ice Cream is a true taste explosion.

Where: Churro99

Crunch time

honey darsaan

A serving of the Honey Darsaan, a popular Chinese dessert, includes crispy fried noodles along with a dollop of ice cream. Crunch the honeyed noodles with vanilla ice cream, to enliven the dessert experience.

Where: Ming Garden, Gateway Hotel

Frosting fete


Moist, soft and creamy cheesecakes win the heart as week-night desserts and for holiday picnics. Available in different flavours; the blue berry cheesecake stands out with its sweet, sour and utterly irresistible flavour.

Where: Fresh Choice

No fuss vanilla


Because for most, ice cream is the biggest guilty pleasure ever, the list is incomplete without the traditional Vanilla ice cream. Exactly what you need in a humid city, scoop up this universal dessert with crispy wafers.

Where: Jack Frost


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