Belgian Waffles now in South India

Join the city in embracing its first ever waffle speciality restaurant that seems to divert the café-hopping crowd of Vizag to The Belgian Waffle Co.

With 160 chains across the country, The Belgian Waffle Co. is here to pamper Vizag with its on-the-go waffle sandwiches. This cafe-style restaurant offers a choice of sweet toppings on freshly prepared waffles.

Waff’s up

Done up in bright yellow walls, the restaurant creates a fun environment which livens up with music and decor that personifies a social perspective. Solve a Rubik’s cube, stack up some Jenga or doodle on black boards as you wait for these chewy golden desserts to arrive. Seared on waffle irons, every batch of waffles is made fresh soon after an order is placed. This might keep you waiting but when they do arrive these honeycombed delights are unlikely to stay on your plate for longer than a minute.

Belgian waffle4

Batter Matters

Vegetarians are provided for with egg free waffles on the menu which taste as good as they look. This premixed eggless barter is unique to the brand’s recipe and is sourced from the company’s factory. The menu celebrates a host of waffles with customised fillings. Other notable offerings include the Waff-Wich (waffles paired with ice cream) Mojitos, milkshakes and cold coffees.

Waff’s good

The ‘Triple Chocolate Waffle’ comes with a mountain of three different creamy fillings of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut dripping from a chocolate waffle. The Red Velvet Waffle dolloped with white chocolate topping is also a winner. As delicious as it sounds these creamy add-ons have a tendency to overpower the waffles which are tender inside and crispy on the outside until the last bite.

Belgian waffle1

Waff’s next

Mini pancakes will soon add to the variety of the menu which are already popular in branches located in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

When to go

If you find yourself on VIP Road, Siripuram; anytime the craving hits between 10:00 AM to midnight.

Phone 090810 81081


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