Neighbourhood couture  

 The ‘For You’ clothing store is a small house turned into a contemporary boutique which is easy to access especially for residents nearby.


The boutique has four sections which are swathed in mauve wallpapers and soft lighting.

Saree collections in the other two sections include Uppdada Silks, Dharmavaram Pattus, Bengali Kosa, super nets and linens in deep pinks, yellows, greens and blues which are a perfect ensemble for summer weddings.


Some pieces are plain whilst others have chunky details with mirror embellishments and a splice of embroidery.

When viewed as a whole, they are seen to stem from a single inspiration, with wedding elements emphasised or repeated; making it easy to choose.

This sleek boutique includes spaces for clothing, jewellery, lingerie and wedding accessories.


Pay close attention to the first section of the boutique space where wedding pieces like custom made matkas (wedding pots,) bridal clutches, imitation jewellery and bangles glitter in their display cases.


Besides Sarees, dresses and Kurtis in bright fabrics of Maggam work combine with the sophistication of machine tailoring.

Further into the store; glass slabs showcase colourful readymade Kurtis and dresses, gathered from Mumbai. In what looks like a private corner the last section caters to lingerie and sleep wear.

You can read the rest of my review in Yo! Vizag Magazine (July – August 2018)


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