When a South Indian climbs the Everest

Neelima’s book ‘From Everest with Love’ is a compilation of letters she wrote to her mother when she scaled Mount Everest. An idea that came to her after she decided to share her encounters on the mountain with everybody.

How long did it take to write and publish your debut novel?

It took a year to write the book. I had a difficult time looking for a publisher. I approached literary agents and other authors too. Leading publishers refused me because they worried my book wouldn’t sell.

Did you face any challenges while writing this book?

The turmoil of recalling past emotions were difficult. I was afraid that people would misinterpret my intentions.

…And what did you enjoy the most?

I bottled up my emotions with Everest and after my descend I experienced withdrawal symptoms. I enjoyed unwinding these emotions through this book.

A question that nobody has asked you before …

I never get any questions about my Sherpa. Most people see me as a hero. Their curiosities end with me. I hope to have more conversations beyond the book too.

Any annoying questions you’ve come across?

Yes! ‘As a woman, why did I choose mountaineering?’  Everest is impartial to a person’s gender.

Did you read any books during your climb?

Mount Analogue by Rene Daumal, Oxygen by Nick Lane and Training for Alpinism by Steve House comprised my reading list.

What’s next as an author?

If I do write a book I would like to try humour as the genre. But, I’m not so sure, it’s next level to absorb pain and laugh it off!

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