Hot griddle

There isn’t another restaurant in the city like Sam’s Griddle that has unleashed its own answer to remixing various continental, American and Italian gourmets.

One thing that sets Sam’s Griddle apart is its lucid, refreshing plate of Buffalo Wings which is from the US state of Buffalo. Succulent king prawns served with spaghetti and a choice of garlic and ground chillies awaken your senses in the form of Gamberoni.


Zesty marinara blended in a generous serving of cheeses and Italian-inspired toppings; will tickle the taste buds of pizza lovers in Vizag.


What’s really new?

Sam’s Griddle is a part of the redesign of the Pepparazi franchise solidly in tradition of impeccable service and ambience from before.

With new trends setting it apart from its previous style, a new dish will now make a thrilling appearance every week with a collection of delectable recipes served in coconut shells.

Relish in cuisines from South India and other non vegetarian delicacies; all set to satisfy Vizag gastronomically.

Drinks re-imagined


Mixologists at Sam’s Griddle have changed the game when it comes to their beverage menu.

Drinks are taken up a notch with the addition of refreshing garnishes like lemon and brown sugar which adds a summer time taste to the cola of the Italian Smooch Shakes.


The frozen slushes served here come in a rainbow of flavours and will never let you go back to boring regular shakes again!

The restaurant’s extra touch with olives and lemon twists on the rim of mocktail glasses brings out extra fun and satisfies the fancy of the kid in all of us.


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