Bulletproof that coffee!

A new caffeine blend is brewing into a cult; making coffee evangelists rave about a fat serving of butter in their cup of joe; which claims to promote weight loss.

Adding butter and oil to your morning java may sound odd but don’t recoil just yet! This trending beverage which is a part of the Bulletproof Diet is not meant to be tasted with the eyes first. Tiny droplets of fat floating in your cup might put you off.

However, a high performance drink, the Bulletproof Coffee boasts satiety due to its goodness of healthy fats, enhancing energy and supposedly curbs hunger pangs.

Supplemented as a breakfast replacement, this energy drink is a favourite among high profile entrepreneurs, athletes and people with demanding schedules who are looking for quick weight loss fixes.

Fans of the drink claim to feel full for several hours as the ingredients slows down the hunger hormone – Ghrelin; reducing the desire to eat bigger meals.

Whilst the caffeine provides antioxidants, the other triumvirates in this brew, namely butter and oil provide essential nutrients that support the production of good cholesterol.


How to Get Blending?

A basic Bulletproof Coffee recipe calls for a cup of black filter coffee mixed with a tablespoon of ghee or unsalted butter along with one tablespoon of oil.

An unusual ingredient nonetheless, most people use premium coconut oil due to its benefits of weight reducing fatty acids.

Serve warm after pulsing the ingredients to a creamy texture in a blender.

Swap your average latte by catching up with the java sensation of the Bulletproof Coffee which serves 441 calories and 0 grams of carbs.


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