By ‘the-Bay’

Panning three thousand miles from a lazy anchorage on the southern coast of India an overtly saturated site unfolds to startle viewers approaching in on air, in Du-bai

Sand and Glass… The World’s Hourglass

This city by the bay gets its name for exactly that reason. Legend has it that this city initially inhabited by pearl divers and Bedouins was an undiscovered, unnamed port. Trade visitors harbored this port ever so often that they didn’t bother getting creative with nomenclature. Seafaring travelers labeled it ‘by the bay;’internationally recognized today as Du-Bai.

By the early 1990s, Dubai had made its mark on the world map primarily taking advantage of its strategic location, making it the perfect meeting place for occidental nations and its western counterparts.  Businesses, cultures and sciences from across the world passed through this porous land, leaving remnants behind. Unskilled labors to tech giants began to throng the now cosmopolitan city; building its high rises.



Unending townships adorned with tall glass buildings in shades of copper and steel emerged after an architectural zeal swept across Dubai’s ancient lands. It withstood the waves of modernity which promised to keep the traditions intact. Bustling souks saw footfalls similar to designer malls and old weekend rituals remained. Fridays synonym with slow and calm as loud speakers from tall towers attracted worshippers into symmetrically designed mosques.  Gorgeous picnic spots and manmade beaches witnessed folks in heavy numbers who sought refuge from tensed work cultures. The city revved up after sunset with opulent dining options in the Indian streets of Karama, Arabic vibes of Downtown and a European openness in Jumeirah and Marina streets.

No other place in the Middle East garnered such diversity.

raf dxb 2

dxb raf

dxb 5.jpg

xms in dxb
Arabian decor meets western festivities

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